Nabe / Hot Pot
There are many kinds of hot pot dishes, probably exceeding 100 types, which differ depending on the region. Popular hot pot dishes that can be eaten in Japan include sukiyaki, oden, motsu nabe, shabu-shabu, chanko nabe, and many more. Chanko nabe is derived from hot-pot dishes eaten on a daily basis by sumo wrestlers, and it contains a wide variety of ingredients. Noodles or rice are often added to the remaining soup after the ingredients are eaten. Many places offer side dishes to add, such as rice and eggs to be eaten together with the hot-pot. In a Japanese ryokan (traditional inn), ingredients are often simmered in a pot made of special paper. Containers made of kelp are even sometimes used.

ちゃんこ ごっつ庵 ( Chanko gottsu-an )