Oden is a Japanese cuisine that has been popular since ancient times. A wide range of ingredients are simmered in soup stock made from kelp and dried bonito. Popular ingredients include radish, egg, beef sinew, tofu and vegetable cakes, konnyaku (jelly made from root vegetable flour), and various forms of fish paste (chikuwa, hanpen, satsuma-age). Ingredients and flavorings differ depending on the restaurant and region, and it's fun to discover different flavorings of soup stock and different ingredients on offer. Recently, take-out oden from convenience stores and "canned oden" sold at vending machines are also available.

さぬきや ( Sanukiya )

花くじら 本店 ( Hanakujira honten )

花くじら 歩店 ( Hanakujira ayumiten )

花くじら 北店 ( Hanakujira kitaten )