To eat the most delicious food at your destination, it's best to try out an izakaya. These Japanese taverns often offer dishes of various genres and alcoholic beverages, and often many different dishes such as sushi, grilled chicken, sashimi, and tempura can be enjoyed in one place. Most izakaya do not simply label themselves "izakaya" but specialize in certain kinds of cuisine. For example, "Yakitori / Izakaya" indicates that they largely serve grilled chicken, and "Kaisen Izakaya" means the menu features a lot of fish and shellfish. Unlike bars or pubs, dining is central to the izakaya experience. When you go to an izakaya, you should sample a variety of dishes.

創作ダイニング 和魂 ( Creative cuisine dining Wakon )

二番どり ( Nibandori )

たこ焼き居酒屋 龍馬亭 ( Takoyaki izakaya ryomatei )

日本食レストラン 祭 ( Japanese restaurant matsuri )

菜の音 ( Nanone )

八万 ( Hachiman )

かっちゃん ( Katchan )

さぬきや ( Sanukiya )

GREENS ( Greens )

多幸屋 ( Takoya )

花くじら 本店 ( Hanakujira honten )

花くじら 歩店 ( Hanakujira ayumiten )

花くじら 北店 ( Hanakujira kitaten )

残業や ( Zangyoya )