Most yakiniku (lit. "grilled beef") restaurants in Japan are influenced by Korean cuisine, and Korean dishes such as kimchi are often on the menu. While beef is the main specialty, a unique characteristic of Japanese yakinuku restaurants is the wide variety of cuts of meat including organ meats. These grilled organ meats, known as horumon-yaki, are especially a specialty in Osaka. Pork and chicken may also be on the menu. There are also specialty restaurants offering horse meat or "Genghis Khan," which features mutton from Hokkaido. In recent years, an increasing number of restaurants in Japan have been serving game, known in Japan as jibie (based on the French gibier).

肉焼屋 ( Nikuyakiya )

肉焼屋ワイン部ジャストMEAT! ( Nikuyakiya wine-bu Just MEAT! )